Becoming Crone

Does the caterpillar feel it's transformation into butterfly?
As we morph from mother to crone from birthing children to rebirthing ourselves from nurturing & teaching others to deepening our own creative intellect we uncover the parts of ourselves that have been asleep in hibernation. This is our awakening, our expansion, our time. We partner with God in the miracle of creation. We nurture others for a good portion of our lives. We struggle with male/female roles, society's definitions and rules of religion until we find our true self and discover our own place in the puzzle of life. We find our own balance, our own way first then our harmony within the circle that surrounds us and the people who bump up against us to help us learn our life lessons. As we nurture & discover more of ourselves we benefit, as do those around us. As we become more, the world becomes more. The earth may be going through it's own menopause as the wisdom of crone unfolds.

- Cheryl Collins 2006