Celebrating Sisterhood

5 x 7 color postcards of these images with message on the back are
available for $2 each



This pattern incorporates the female form in many colors, representing all races holding hands in the circle of unity. They are grounded in light at the center of the circle where they come together to symbolize our connection to the earth and to each other. Their hair flies freely as they sway and dance in the celebration of sisterhood, for they know that the feminine nature is needed to promote healing and create peace and harmony in the world.
The word Mandala from Sanskrit, the ancient language of India , translates as "sacred circle". Mandalas have been used for thousands of years as a meditation tool. Also referred to as sacred geometry, mandalas can be viewed as graphic translations of universal order and harmony.
They are intended for contemplation, referring to the cyclic view of life, nature and time. Mandalas are used in many cultures as a bridge to states of higher understanding.

fused glass by Cheryl Collins