Woman Tree of Life

5 x 7 color postcards of these images with message on the back are available for $2 each



This tree of life with feminine form is a celebration of life, nature and all of creation. She raises her arms as branches ascending to heaven in thanks to the Creator. Her outstretched fingers welcome nature as a resting place for birds. Her base is like the trunk of a tree with a root system grounding her in Mother Earth where she lives in harmony with her surroundings and with respect for all living things. The spiral on top of her head represents our direct connection to Spirit and to the creative energy source. Since women are the givers of life, the tree of life is one of the many female symbols found in ancient art. The fused glass with a dot in the center signifies the power of creation and the seed of our own great potential. The snake has long been the symbol of rebirth since it sheds its skin as it outgrows the old. It represents healing, wisdom, enlightenment, and new knowledge.

metal & glass sculpture designed by Cheryl Collins

metal sculpture created by Trent Ripplinger