Evolution represents the continual process of letting go of what we were to become more of who we truly are. The umbilical nature of this sculpture symbolizes our past and what we can learn from the snake who sheds its skin as it outgrows the old - our reminder to shed the past and rid ourselves of old beliefs that no longer ring true to us. The spiral and labyrinth signify traveling to our center to come to know ourselves and uncover our great potential. The small inscription in the center reads "Heal the past. Live the present. Dream the future." The eagle head represents our own true vision, expanding our perspective to see the big picture as well as small details, to find our individual purpose and our unique place in the world. Inside the bronze sculpture is a scroll entitled the blessing of evolution that says, "As we evolve, help us release that which holds us back. Help us develop the courage to spread our wings and fly with the vision of the great eagle."

Evolution - bronze sculpture 6 feet tall by Cheryl Collins

metal & glass sculpture designed
by Cheryl Collins