The Glass Heart

An inspirational story of hope and empowerment
for children of all ages

"Once upon a time there was a heart made of red glass that wished to shine bright in the sunlight...."

Including poetry and art by award-winning artist, Cheryl Collins

May Sheep Safely Graze

May sheep safely graze
May wild mustangs run
May lazy lizards lie on rocks
warmed by the sun

May birds build their nests
May desert tortoise crawl
May we keep our precious earth
safe and sound for all

May butterflies flutter
and dragonflies fly
and ladybugs bring
good luck by and by

May wild flowers grow
blossom and bloom
with healthy soil, clean air
and plenty of room

May angels protect us
May frogs croak their tune
under the light
of the shimmering moon

How can we help?
What can we do?