H E A L I N G    T O W E R   S Y M B O L S

Tower of Love and Life
Tower of Well Being
Tower of Hope and Peace
TAIJI (Yin Yang), classic Chinese emblem of balance, harmony and the cyclic alteration of dualities.
LOTUS, the most sacred of all flowers symbolizes enlightenment, rebirth, divine energy and divine grace.
MANDALA, the Sanskrit word for “circle” used for meditation in Hindu and Buddhist traditions.
EGYPT’S SACRED EYE, the all seeing mother of truth meant “whole” or “health”.
HINDU YANTRA, sacred geometry, marriage of masculine and feminine aspects.
TRIPLE TRIANGLE, sacred crystal of focus and meditation.
GUARDIAN ANGELS, remind us throughout generations of heavenly help.

CADUCEUS, the emblem of the medical profession symbolizes the power of transformation and healing.
RAINBOW, symbol of hope, the bridge uniting heaven and earth.
ANKH, Egyptian hieroglyphics meaning the gift of eternal life.
SUN, in many cultures was known as the solar Deity, source of light and growth.

CELTIC CROSS, the symbol of male and female harmony.
TREE OF LIFE, symbolizes the creation of the universe, the origin of humanity, and the divine gifts of nourishment.

PETROGLYPHS, rock art dates back to the Paleolithic era (the old stone age) more than 30,000 years ago.


SPIRAL, in many cultures means the circle of life, spiritual journey, and eternal life.
DOVE OF PEACE, known as the Goddess of wisdom, in some religions the Holy Ghost.
MEDICINE WHEEL, Native American continuation of our spiritual path through life, and Ancient Oriental’s double wheel showing cycles of life on earth and heaven.

DOUBLE SQUARE, earth symbol of harmony and understanding.
FISH, adopted from ancient cultures by early Christians to symbolize the Son of God.