REBIRTH - fused glass sculpture by Cheryl Collins

This sculpture uses the shape of the snakes carved into the temples of ancient Egypt that guard the entrances to the sacred sites.

The yellow flower emerges from the two snakes that look like growing vines – symbolizing rebirth, the magical blossoming that occurs ever spring.

Horizontal waves of pastel colored glass represent the elements of EARTH, AIR and WATER.

EARTH is our foundation, support and sustenance - the great nourishing mother that provides all things and takes them back into herself.

AIR gives life to all creatures through their breath and has been called the essence of the world soul, the ever present breath of life that connects us all.

WATER symbolizes birth, the source of all potentialities in existence, the fountain of life, often associated with cleansing - washing away the old to make room for the new.

Since the SNAKE sheds its skin as it outgrows the old, it has long been the symbol of rebirth, eternal life, wisdom and new knowledge.

The DOUBLE SPIRALS symbolize continual growth and learning. In many cultures throughout ancient history the spiral is associated with the cycle of life, inner growth, our spiritual journey and our own evolution.